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If you would like to have a reading, we will schedule an appointment after payment is made. All readings are done over the phone unless you live near by. The only information I will ask you is your name, where you live, and how the weather is. I will ask you to speak clearly because your voice assists spirit to enter your energy field.  I  will not ask you to reveal information about yourself, nor will I tell you information about myself. I will not counsel you, or give you advice. I will only relay spirit messages to you. Before the reading I will ask you if you are open to working with loved ones who have passed over. If you are not open to this, Spirit will not allow it to happen. I will begin by giving you a few messages from Spirit, and then you may ask questions about important life issues facing you (you may even ask questions about other people). When the reading is over I will draw a few Animal Tarot Cards to give you a final message.

After payment is made, please call or text me to set up an appointment. Very often I am available on the same day to give you your reading. Please, think about what you would like to ask and write your questions down. The more organization you bring to the reading, the more information we can cover.

I am working to serve spirit, at the highest level available. I am  an empty vessel. Without Spirit I am nothing at all, and the work would not be possible.

To Schedule please e-mail me at:
[email protected]
or call Marlene at 802-279-9283

$65.00 for 1/2 hour
$85.00 for 45 minutes
$105.00 for 1 hour
One hour-Therapy $85.00

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