About Marlene

Marlene Mueller, M.A., attended The ‘International Institute of Advanced Metaphysics’ in Sedona, Arizona. At this school she attended 80 hours of intense, hands on learning, to communicate with her Spirit Guides. After a near death experience as a very young child she always felt that she had one foot in the Spirit world, and one Foot in the physical world. Marlene explains that her interest in the after-life, death and dying, and Spiritual matters increased as she matured.

Marlene Attended College and Graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Norwich University in Vermont. Soon After she earned her Masters Degree in Psychology/Counseling from Lesley College, in Cambridge Mass. Marlene did her graduate thesis on the subject of ‘Death And Dying, Counseling the Terminally Ill, And Bereaved’. She worked as a psychotherapist and Social Worker in Vermont for 25 years with children and families. She has recently been ordained as a Reverend Of The Universal Life Church.

Marlene cared for her father for 2 years before he transitioned to the spirit world. She believes it was a very spiritual experience. After her father died she felt his presence with her for at least a month. When she felt he had gone she would sometimes hear him calling her, and he visited her in dreams a few times.

She writes:
“When he visited me in a dream, it was a completely different experience than a normal dream. Those dreams were organized and intensely real. In one dream, I was washing dishes when I heard a knock at the back door. When I opened it, my dad was there. He was wearing a jacket that he loved, and presented a much younger version of himself than when he died. He looked the way I remembered him when I was a child. He held a box of cookies with string wrapped around the box; it was the same box he bought from the bakery in the Bronx when he visited my family on Sundays. I was so excited to see him. I pulled the door open and fell into his arms. He kissed my cheeks and said “how you doing baby?” I could feel the warmth of him, and his eyes were shining, and intensely blue. When I awoke that morning every detail of the dream was with me, and for the whole day I felt his warmth and presence acutely. My curiosity increased once again,  and I was prompted to learn more about Spirit, and the Spirit World.”

It was a few years after that dream that Marlene began to learn as much as she could about Spiritual matters. She spent a year learning about Shamanism and journeying.

She writes:
“During my first journey I met my Spirit Animal, Elephant, and developed a strong relationship with this wonderful creature. My whole adult life I had been collecting elephant figurines, and elephant photos.  I asked my teacher about the reality of my Spirit Animal being elephant. He simply said that elephant has been with me my whole life.  It is because of this close relationship with elephant that I have named my  Business ‘Ivory Tusk Spirit Readings’. I know that as I do this work elephant is with me, guiding me, and giving me the strength to sometimes confront difficult situations during readings.”

Marlene has 2 grown children, and two young grandchildren. She lives in Austin Texas where she enjoys the diversity, different ethnic foods, and being with like minded people.


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