More Dear Souls

My parents had a very large beautiful wedding, however, their life together was quite tragic.
Best friend Sandy and I with our dogs, Mersadie and Raynor. All are gone now. I miss them everyday.

Special Dogs

Above Is My Dear Elsie. The shelter said she had been there the longest of any other dogs. She was so badly abused that her snout was slanted and she had a few teeth knocked out. I fell in love with her and brought her home only to find that she was riddled with anxiety. She was put on a behavior program, Prozac, Valium, and  one another medicine. She was doing better when she developed  an autoimmune disease that cause her to bleed spontaneously from the top of her head. I had to put her down after having her about six months. This dog shattered my heart for a very long time. I still cry when I think of her.

Above is Presh, also a rescue. She transitioned when she was about 12 years old. She was a very quiet dog who really needed very little from us. She was happy just to eat and sleep.

Special Dogs

Mersadies at the Christmas Tree. She was six months old in this  picture and learning to stay. She was watching my hand make the stay command. She lived to be almost sixteen years old. She was the greatest dog i ever had. She came to me in spirit exactly one month after she died. I got up during the night and there she was standing beside the bed, each strand of fur all lit up. That morning, before I told my husband I had seen her, he told me he saw her sleeping on the bed next to me. He said she was all lit up.